Wednesday, February 21st, 2018

It’s All-In-One With A Bambino Mio Swimsuit


It’s swimsuit season and you get giddy over that adorable new suit you just bought for your kid. Wait…you also need to fit a swim diaper in there too. That could add bulkiness, making it uncomfortable to wear.

When I received a sample of Bambino Mio’s Nappy Swimsuit I was overjoyed. Designed especially for girls for Spring/Summer 2010, these suits already have an integrated nappy to catch the solids. The pants are elasticated and there’s a ruffle for decoration too. Available in a fish print in red and lime, I think the suit is cute and practical.

For boys, Bambino Mio also sells Swim Nappies. These come available in prints Fish and Spots and are made of the same stretchy fabric as the Nappy Swimsuit. Comes in blue, pink and orange.  The obvious bonus is that you’ll save money because you won’t have to buy disposable swim diapers anymore. The swimsuit is $29.95 and the nappies are $16.95 (the Spot print is on sale).

Look for these products at Bambino Mio’s shop.


One Response to “It’s All-In-One With A Bambino Mio Swimsuit”
  1. Jamaise says:

    I love Bambino Mio nappies!