Sunday, January 21st, 2018

Oliver’s Labels Are Colorful, Durable And Fun


Since I’m not into stitching labels onto clothes I decided it was a good time to stock up on sticky labels for the kids. I just got a small batch from Oliver’s Labels, currently the only company to sell full color, waterproof graphics.

Their design themes include Sea Life, Dinosaurs, Flowers, and ones that read No Dairy, No Nuts, and Food Allergies (good for keeping teachers on track with your child’s diet). You can also buy in packages. For example, a Camp Package for 151 labels is $59 and includes labels for shoes, clothes, large bag tags while their new Photo Labels cost $20 for 16 labels.

They use a special process that won’t let the image rub off and you don’t have to worry about the labels falling apart in the laundry or dishwasher either. So drop the thread and needle and visit Mogul Baby readers get a 10% discount. Just enter OLIVERSFRIENDS.

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