Friday, January 19th, 2018

Thoughts On Two Seventh Generation Cleaning Products


As a parent, I’m always looking for new products to use around the house to clean up messy goop left by the kids.  I’ve been using two products from Seventh Generation for about a month now and am going to give you the rundown on each of them. I’m talking Disinfecting Wipes and the Natural Paper Towels!

For killing germs with one wipe there’s Seventh Generation’s Disinfecting Wipes. These are supposed to kill 99.99 % of household germs. I find the scent of lemongrass and thyme subtle enough, and not strong at all. The round container comes with 70 wipes, which at $5.75 a pop is kind of pricey. However, they were proficient enough to clean the kitchen counter top and highchair.

Their Natural Paper Towels are of a brown color and made from 100% recycled paper. A single roll of 120 sheets is priced at $2.79, again a lot for paper towels. These are hypo-allergenic, with no added dyes and fragrances. I find that the sheets feel rough and not that absorbent which is why I just use them during diaper changes. However, it’s an eco-friendly product and you are saving some trees along the way.

Go visit the Seventh Generation website and see what they have to offer.

(Seventh Generation provided me with products upon my request)

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