Friday, January 19th, 2018

Little House, Big Impressions: Melissa & Doug’s Victorian Dollhouse


This splendid and ornately styled Victorian style Dolls House from trendy toy makers Melissa and Doug is a welcome addition to our home. Sent to us by CSN Stores, the house measures up approximately 30 inches high by 30 inches wide and 18 inches deep.

It is quite a large item and you need to think about where you are going to put it before buying. It requires adult assembly and it took me around 90 fairly hassle free minutes to put together. I’d say the task was reasonably easy and the instructions were virtually dummy proof. All that’s needed is a standard Phillips screwdriver or in my opinion an optional cordless screwdriver. This helped to speed up the construction process considerably.

The most difficult part of assembly seemed to be the tiled roof sections, but after a little patience and applied logic it all came together in the end. The bright and attractive dolls house is made from wood and the beautiful detailing inside and out has been laminated on. After assembly, small plastic color coordinated blanks are included to place in the exterior screw holes to hide them away. The interior screw holes are concealed by placing the supplied set of decor matching stickers over the top. Unfortunately, the adhesive backing had dried out and I couldn’t peel the stickers off. So I called the Melissa and Doug help line printed on the instruction manual and they promised to send out a new set right away.

There are 5 main rooms in the house and each is decorated uniquely. I love the shiny solid wood floor effect of the main living room as well as the wallpapering and the period kitchen and bathroom tiles. There is a nursery at the top of the house and two solid wood staircases are also included. The grand front door swings open and shut and this is the only item on the house that has been designed to move. The dollhouse does not come complete with furniture and the picture shown is for illustration only.

I’m looking forward to begin collecting furniture for our little girl and plan to buy the Melissa and Doug furniture From CSN Stores. Overall, I’d say this was a nice toy to own and it looks solid enough to pass on through the generations. Some of the roof sections didn’t quite join up as one would expect, but I’d say this was a very minor ailment and that will not stop me from recommending this dollhouse to others.

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