Sunday, January 21st, 2018

Ecosystem Notebooks Made 100% In The USA


We are currently updating our list of Made in the USA products and one company that I’m definitely adding is Ecosystem. They make journals, planners and notebooks made entirely of 100% post-consumer recycled paper. They hold no secrets! What’s so great is that at the end of each book, you’ll find a unique ID number that you can look up on their site. When you punch in the code, all the ingredients are revealed in the making of your book.

My blank journal was produced in Lewiston, Maine by 65 people who were employed to sew, cut and bind my book. The elastic band, around my book was woven with 100% organic cotton in Pawtucket, Rhode Island and dyed to match in Philadelphia. This is just a snippet of what went into the manufacturing of my journal. It’s interesting information and great to know that every element was made in America.

You can even customize your own journals. Place your own logo, insert a planner, calendar, or blank pages into the book’s back pocket and choose size, cover and color (they have fruity names such as watermelon, grape, kiwi and clementine). Prices range from $6.95-18.95 according to size.

If you lose or find an Ecosystem book, there’s a lost and found board on the site too. Find out more at and support the company. They’re doing a great job keeping American people working in the U.S.

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