Thursday, January 18th, 2018

Colgate Kids Introduce Dora And Spongebob To The Line


If you’re getting ready to send the kids off to camp or just want to stock up with some new teeth gear for the kids, Colgate has enlisted the help of Dora The Explorer, Spongebob Squarepants, and Bakugan to promote their latest line of toothpastes and toothbrushes. If the character Bakugan is not known to you, he’s on the popular animated series on Cartoon Network.

Recommended for kids 2-8, these licensed faces decorate Colgate’s Anti-Cavity Flouride Toothpaste ($2.79), Battery-Powered Toothbrush ($5.99) and Manual Toothbrush ($2.49).

Colgate also has a new line for infants and toddlers called My First Colgate. The toothpaste is flouride free with a mild fruit flavor. Also, the My First Colgate Toothbrush is specially designed for small children with developing teeth.


10 Responses to “Colgate Kids Introduce Dora And Spongebob To The Line”
  1. I like spongebob because he is wacky and funny, there is no other cartoon character like spongebob,,            

  2. i also tought that Spongebob is gay, he he he but he is very funny _

  3. Spongebog is always very cheesy and funny, i like this cartoon character`,*

  4. i love the way spongebob laughs, he is really very cheesy”.;

  5. spongebob is crazy funny, who does not love spongebob anyway hehe.*~

  6. Noah James says:

    sometimes spongebob is stingy and annoying~:”

  7. what i like about spongebob is that he is sarcastic and funny;;’

  8. Spongebo and Patrick are really great characters. love them.-“”