Saturday, January 20th, 2018

Safety First With Bike Glow


If you’re the outdoor type of parent then you probably take your little ones out with you on your bicycle. Whether you pull them in a trailer or they sit in a child seat, you’ll want to make sure you get seen by other road users. Summer is coming and that means late evening treks into the twilight.

The Bike Glow safety light featured wraps around your bike frame and makes you stand out through dusk and into night time. Its ten feet long light electroluminescent tube is as narrow as string. The small power unit supplied can be strapped to the bike frame with its fixing strap and adhesive tape is provided for the tube. The Bike Glow comes in 8 cool colors and can be set in flashing mode or in constant illumination. Two AA batteries are required and can provide up to 120 hours of use. If you’re looking for piece of mind for yourself or your child, then I think the $25 price tag is a small price to pay. The Bike Glow provides the side illumination that conventional lights do not. Click

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