Sunday, January 21st, 2018

Funky And Roomy: Kokopax Samantha Diaper Totes


You can never have enough diaper bags. The one I’m telling you about today is Kokopax’s new Samantha Diaper Totes. First of all, these look fashionable and can be used by anyone, not just moms.

It’s a lightweight, 100% cotton canvas roomy bag which is always a plus because if you’re a parent, you know how much diaper products, spare clothes, and personal items you have to lug around with the baby.

Inside you’ll find three pockets, a zippered pocket, a drink compartment and a diaper mat with the Kokopax monkey logo. The closure is magnetic and secures the chunky chocolate leather handles together. The only missing feature? A little zippered pocket on the front to keep car keys and a cell phone. Other than that, it’s a good bag to carry around in warm weather.

The Samantha Diaper Tote comes in five designs called bubbles, bubbles takes two, sprout, pax and licorice. Match this with an Eco-Classic Carrier and you’re good to go!

Retail price is $99.99.


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  5. what a nice selection!

  6. Noah James says:

    i usually choose diaper bags which are made of recyclabe materials to help the environment not just your babies.`;”

  7. Great, I never knew this, thanks.


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