Saturday, January 20th, 2018

Baby Blanket Music provides unique lullabies


You won’t hear Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star in this Baby Blanket Music collection. Designed for little ears, there are four CDs containing unique lullaby arrangements featuring well-known musicians. Billy Joel, Elton John, John Mayer and Simon & Garfunkel are among the artists whose hit songs and familiar melodies are featured.

Hum to the lullabies of Elton John’s Rocket Man and Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me. Let your babies fall asleep to John Mayer’s Your Body Is A Wonderland and Waiting On The World To Change.

Josh Ruitt is the founder and creator. Being a teacher, composer and performer, he wanted to “create music that is soothing and enhancing for babies while remaining enjoyable for adults.”

The CDs are $14.99 each but Mogul Baby readers can get 20% off any order. Just enter code mogulbaby2010. You can buy them at


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  1. What a geat website, glad I was able to find this post, looking foward to returning in near future.

  2. elton john can be only be the best singer and composer that i know. i like the song Candle In The Wind `’-

  3. sir Elton John is one of the best singers that i know of, great voice and great compositions:.”

  4. Leon Murray says:

    the music of elton john has this unique beat and the lyrics are very sentimental:*;

  5. Elton John is actually a living legend, what a great musical artist he is.;*:

  6. Elton John is a very good musician and has been my idol ever since.–~

  7. TomPier says:

    great post as usual!


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