Friday, January 19th, 2018

Tommee Tippee Comes to the U.S.


Tommee Tippee baby products have finally made it to America! The brand, which has been popular in Britain for the past four decades, is now being sold at Babies “R” Us nationwide.

For babies, there’s the Closer to Nature line. This collection consists of bottles, pacifiers, milk-feeding bibs, and microwave steam sterilizers. Prices for these products range from $4.99 to $69.99. The BPA-free Explora mealtime products for toddlers are a colorful line of sippy cups, easi-roll bibs, bowls, plates, utensils and easi-mats.

The ones that we have are these spill-proof sippy cups. They have soft spouts which are good for kiddies to chew on and clear lids that cover over them to keep away yucky germs. So far, have not experienced any spillage so they get an “A” from me. They are a little big for little hands to hold but at least they’re designed to grip.

Canadians will be able to buy Tommee Tippee products this summer at Babies“R”Us and Toys“R”Us stores too. Check out what this brand has to offer at Toys R Us.


2 Responses to “Tommee Tippee Comes to the U.S.”
  1. Beebee says:

    I love them!

  2. LStewart says:

    I purchased Tommee Tippee cups for my grandsons several months back and they have been a huge success! With Lil Bit we went from bottle to cup without any bottle withdrawal issues at all. He never once cried for a bottle when the Tommee Tippee cup was introduced.
    This is not the first time Tommee Tippee has been available in the USA. 25 years ago when my daughter was beginning to make the transition from bottle to cup Tommee Tippee was available and they were as successful then as they are now!