Friday, January 19th, 2018

Kids can help too with a Motherchildbag



Here’s a neat idea which has made us smile. Funky German bag makers Reisenthel have created the Motherchildbag for your enjoyment. On those trips to the stores when your little one is just itching to help carry the goods, you can both now share the burden.

This bag has an adult strap on one side and a child height strap on the other. This way both parent and child can each participate in the chore of bringing home the bacon. Bags come in 4 colors and are made of virtually indestructible polyester. There is also a large and helpful zip up pocket on the inside too. This bag is not in the stores just yet but will be shortly priced at around $20. is expected to start selling these on April 8.


One Response to “Kids can help too with a Motherchildbag”
  1. Sky says:

    Absolutely brilliant! I'm going to watch for these to go on sale. My daughter is the ultimate helper and this would be great to have.