Saturday, February 17th, 2018

Go! Go! Sports Dolls promote healthy lifestyles


This soft, floppy swimmer is named Suzi and she’s a Go! Go! Sports Doll. Created by Dream Big Toy Company she is one of nine dolls that are made to promote self-esteem, healthy eating, and daily exercise to youths ages 3 to 12 years old. Made from high quality cloth, they feel soft and comfy to play and sleep with. Each one comes with accessories. For example, Suzi comes with goggles and a pink bag. Looking at one up close, these dolls are not too cutesy. However, I think they’re innocent and appropriate for young children.
The price of these dolls are $20 and can be bought at places like, Target, Kohl’s. When you’re buying a Go! Go! Sports doll you’re giving back too. A portion of their profits is donated to organizations that encourage girls to participate in physical activity and develop healthy lifestyles.

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