Sunday, January 21st, 2018

Bink’d Temporary Tattoo Earrings


For parents who don’t want to pierce their children’s ears and just like the look of it, there’s Bink’d Temporary Tattoo Earrings for boys and girls. These are just like the ordinary stick-on tattoos for kids, requiring nothing more than water to put on.

There are six designs: panda, strawberry, monkey face, lightening bolt, skull, and ladybug. In each round container, there’s a cotton ball included to help with application. You don’t have to worry about infections like a real piercing. These tats are made in the USA and only use kid-safe, FDA-approved, vegetable-based inks and adhesive. However, they don’t stay long as Bink’d say they only have a 7-day wear life.
If you’re like me and you’re not keen on putting them on your kids ears, you can let them stick the tattoos on other things like their nails, cars, books and dolls. When I opened up my two packs of the strawberry and lightening bolt designs, I was surprised to only find 12 stickers in each. That’s what you get for $5.95. I must admit these are not my cup of tea but I know there are many moms out there who would love to decorate their babies’ ears.

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