Friday, January 19th, 2018

A look into Bumbleride’s accessories



Every respectable stroller maker must supply a decent range of accessories. Many of these are must-have items for many new parents who want to be trendy but also want to complement their lifestyle or geographic location.

If you go to the beach often, then you may want to consider the colorful Jam Packs or Snack Packs to stow away those baby essentials. If you live in a colder climate then the foot muff may be just for you. Bumbleride’s accessory selection is fairly comprehensive and most items can be ordered to match the color of your stroller so you can stay coordinated. Also, if you travel a lot the zip up travel bag will swallow up your Bumbleride Indie to help prevent those nasty old baggage handlers from denting your kid’s ride.


Here’s the latest 2010 infant carry cot. It will accommodate infants up to 19 lbs and has a carry handle so there’s no need to wake sleeping baby after your stroll. You just unplug the two connectors and the cot lifts off the stroller frame. We like the interchangeable design. It’s compatible with most of the Bumbleride stroller line up including the Indie, the Indie Twin, the Flyer and the new Flite. It folds up easily and completely flat by lifting up the reversible mattress and pushing the metal frame apart. It also comes with a canopy to keep the weather out.

The carry cot is also supplied with clip on top cover which doubles up as part of a stroller foot muff. When your little one has outgrown the cot, you can then snap off the cover and zip it onto the supplied stroller seat liner as shown in the green image. You then have an instant foot muff to keep your little one warm on those late Autumn strolls.

There is just one problem that we could see. It just isn’t quite long enough. Our daughter is 18 months and her little feet had nowhere to go at the bottom of the muff. So Bumbleride listen up. This is a great idea but in comparison to the excellent Bugaboo muff, you need to extend the fabric length to accommodate toddlers otherwise it is just too limited in use as it will be quickly outgrown. The cot and muff combination package can be bought directly from the Bumbleride’s website for around $120. I think this is good value when considering the duo product package.


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    Theese Bumbleride Accessories are so cute, they have a nice feel, and great design. Bumbleride makes great products