Wednesday, February 21st, 2018

The 2010 Bumbleride Indie


Choosing a stroller must be a very carefully calculated decision as you will have to live with your chosen device for a good number of years. How and where you intend to use your stroller are the obvious questions but don’t forget to add yourself into the equation too. If you are tall with big feet like me, having an adjustable handle bar with a descent range of movement is an important factor to consider. Also, choosing a model with a wide wheelbase is essential so that you will not collide with the stroller at every step. If most of your stroller trips will be to the mall you’ll need to lift the stroller into the car. This is when you’ll appreciate a lightweight stroller that folds away simply and neatly. When you get to the mall, of course you’ll want your kid to be riding in the coolest and most stylish stroller around. If these factors are decision makers for you too, then you’ll probably be choosing the latest 2010 Bumbleride Indie.

There are new changes to applaud. First of all, there’s a new canopy that offers 9” of additional sun coverage and a UV mesh viewing window. Also, the multi-use bar can now transform from bumper bar to infant seat adapter bar.

This beautiful stroller weighs in at only 20lbs and glides around like an angel on a cloud. It’s big air-filled tires coupled with a rear suspension system seem to eat the bumps and lumps of any surface. The front wheel swivels through 360 degrees granting you effortless strolling and will lock firmly in place for jogging mode. The large net basket positioned underneath will easily swallow up any groceries. The height adjustable handle is a breeze to reposition and the 5 point harness will keep your child firmly secure. The back rest is infinitely adjustable and can be laid flat for sleeping or insertion of the optional infant carry cot. The stroller comes complete with a cup colder, tire pump and rain cover which I think are nice touches. Also included is a padded infant bumper bar which is not shown in the image.

Other available extras include color matching snack packs, a full length foot muff and a travel bag. Folding away is real easy. Simply pull up the finger latches located just below the handle bar and the stroller will fold. The wheels are quick release and will pop off in an instant. Catches keep the stroller compressed while folded and the built-in handle makes carrying a cinch. The attractive seat material is washable and is of very high quality. The pull down hood will keep the elements out and the foot rest is adjustable too.

The stroller is good for kids of up to 45lbs. There is no doubt that this is a cleverly designed and well thought through product. It’s widely available in stores and online and comes in an array of exciting colors. The beautiful Spice variety is shown here and I found it online at for under $500 with free shipping. Click the YouTube link to see the Bumbleride in action!


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  1. Great stroller. performs well and very versatile

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  2. Bumbleride Stroller says:

    the bumbleride indie is amazing. all terrain stroller, comfortable, and still portable. this stroller rocks