Saturday, February 17th, 2018

Newborn Gifts From Taggies



If you’re looking to buy some nice baby gifts for a new mom, how about checking out the products at Taggies? This global company sells a line of children’s blankets, plush toys, books, and apparel featuring patented, multi-textured, looped satin tags.

I think this Taggies plush cube is a good toy for a baby to play with. First of all, you can fill each pocket with a photo so that baby can always see their loved ones faces. Roll it to hear jingle sounds too! Each side has patterns and colors, as well as touchy feel tags. This cube is something that could be very stimulating for a baby under 6 months. Price is $25.


This Taggies Duck Take-Me-Home outfit will make you go “awwww”. Upon touching the fabric, I was impressed with the quality and how if feels. Since it’s made of 100% cotton it’s pretty soft and would be comfortable for a newborn to wear. This is a three piece assemble. There’s a cardigan with a duck and a snail, foot pants with duck faces, and a bodysuit that reads “best friends”. Each outfit comes with a special finished wooden hanger too. It’s available in sizes 0 to 9 months. Price is $28.

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