Saturday, February 17th, 2018

New From Klutz: Fashion Origami


New from Klutz, it’s Fashion Origami! This is a fun activity book that has kids creating clothes and accessories. Learn how to fold origami paper into 10 unique fashion pieces. How cool is that? Use the patterned paper included to make pajamas, a party dress, shoes…even a purse.

Looking through the book, I see that the directions on how to fold the paper into each desired item are clearly drawn out and easy to follow. Add some beads and ribbons to add pizzazz to a skirt. Choose the pattern you desire to make a chic pair of shoes. Future wannabe stylists will love this! You get 80 sheets of patterned paper, beads, ribbon and glue to make assembles.

Overall, I think this is a cute gift to give. Fashion Origami is recommended for kids ages 8 and up. Buy it for $19.95 at Klutz.

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