Saturday, February 17th, 2018

Sassy Bath Toys Make A Splash


Sassy’s new bath toys are sure to make a splash with the kiddies. Their Count ‘n Spell Appliqués can help children learn letters and numbers in a fun way. There are 36 durable, foam pieces that stick to the tub, tile and other smooth surfaces. They also have texture so easy to grip. You can get a set in rainbow or pink assortments. Sassy recommends this for kids 3 years and up. However, it’s never too late to learn reading skills. Price is $5.99.
For babies 6 months and up, there’s Pour & Explore Cups. You get a set of three cups with different moving parts in each. There’s a twirling pinwheel, spinning top and floating beads, all triggered when water is poured in. Each cup has a colored rim and holes in the bottom to strain water. Tots can also stack them up too. Really fun and makes a baby explore. This is $6.99

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