Sunday, February 18th, 2018

Plum Baby Organic Snacks


Here’s a great idea from Plum Organics that my daughter just loves. A whole range of natural and organic baby snacks have been uniquely created and she just can’t get enough. The resealable cap reveals a feeder neck that baby can suck on to release the yummy product inside. The formula is virtually spill proof with exciting and tasty flavors available such as apple and carrot, pear and mango and pumpkin and banana.

We were sent the three flavors to trial and our toddler enjoyed every single one. She was screaming for more like a little addict. Nothing is added except pure fruit so we were glad she had her fill. This product is the ultimate take anywhere snack and really is a smart idea. They are widely available in retail outlets and online. A 6 pack is $8.99 at

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