Monday, November 20th, 2017

Pediatric Fever Fighter Dosing Card


I thought this Pediatric Fever Fighter dosing card was interesting when I received it this week. Created by Meinstein Innovations, this card is intended to give the correct dosage of medicine to your child according to their weight. First of all, how many of you just follow the dosage instructions on a Tylenol box? They just give the age-weight range. According to Meinstein Innovations, doing this can lead to underdosing and can result in pediatrician or even ER visits.

Using the card is simple. It’s two-sided with an inner sliding sleeve and a narrow window on either side. You slide the card up and down and based on your child’s weight, the exact amount of either acetaminophen or ibuprofen to administer to your kid in either teaspoons or a ml measuring device appears in the window. The green side of the card is for infants only from 6-30 lbs and the blue side is for older kids from 15-76 lbs.

Something like this, I admit, I’ve always taken for granted. I rather pay the retail price of $3.99 for this card and know that I am giving the right amount of medicine to my child. They are available at stores nationwide.

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