Saturday, February 17th, 2018

Orchestral Music For Children: Juno Baby


Today’s DVD review is the collection by Juno Baby. If you like orchestral music, you and your child will most likely enjoy these videos featuring Juno and her pals.

Juno Baby is an innovative children’s music and media company which has earned awards such as the Emmy and The Parent’s Choice Award. The music is all original and composed by the founder, Dr. Belinda Takahashi. I got to watch Juno’s Rhythm Adventure with my 16-month-old daughter. She’s usually very antsy watching cartoons but the music and the visuals caught her attention.

I find the classical music, puppetry and animation all very entertaining and I do recommend this for toddlers. Now the plus part.

For every Juno Baby DVD, CD or book purchased by you, Juno Baby donates a like product to a child who otherwise cannot afford to purchase one. They have partnered with social service agencies and children’s organizations around the globe to help bring orchestral music to all children. They are worthy of their awards. Check the out and visit


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