Saturday, February 17th, 2018

It’s feeding time With Sassy spoons, plates and snack pods


I recently wrote about Sassy’s bath toys, now it’s time to focus on their new BPA-free feeding products!
These Less Mess Toddler Spoons have been designed for hands to grasp and angled to help little ones get food into their mouths. The bowl is sized to keep portions bite sized and tiny holes help hold food on the spoon longer. These come in boy and girl colors and are $3.99 for two.
This Dippin’ Dinner Plate Set is colorful and useful. I like that they have lids because that means you can take them out on the run. Two plates are divided in half to keep foods separated, while the other two are standard plates. A no-skid base helps keep the plates from slipping and tipping while your toddler is dining and dipping. Set of 4 plates and two lids are $6.99.
These Perfect Size Snack Pods look cool because they have swivel lids. These are the only products which sort of disappointed me. The lids won’t stay on! As storage containers they’re good though. Price for two snack pods and two lids is $3.99.

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