Saturday, December 16th, 2017

I love this Julia Coat by Neige. It’s lined in soft cotton with a warm flannel interlining so comfy to wear on chilly outings. Coconut buttons and a bodice band complete the look. You can get this on sale at online shopping site The Mini Social and get 60% off! Regularly it’s $192, but with […]

If you’re in the market for a crib sheet, you may want to consider this delightful offering by Clare Chen. This 100% cotton sheet has come all the way from Taiwan and has a unique feature. The fabric has a target style design with printed measurements in metric and inches so you can monitors baby’s […]

Have your kids drift off to sleep soundly with the help of an Oopsy Daisy night light. Like their kid’s wall art collection, these night lights are like mini artworks stretched out on canvas. They have a huge selection of designs so it’s hard to pick just one. What I like about it is that […]

Yes, it’s another giveaway! I really enjoyed the cleverly animated Fantastic Mr. Fox. Wes Anderson is responsible for the whole look and feel, which may appeal to more adults than children. The art design is what stands out, as with all the character’s very human expressions. Nominated for two Oscars (Best Original Score and Best […]

We were so relieved to have been sent this shopping cart and high chair cover from Balboa Baby. Supermarket carts are generally disgusting mobile germ infestations and I am always wary of their cleanliness…and that’s just me before I’ve even strapped baby in the seat! Now my worries are no more as this cleverly designed […]

If you’re hosting a baby shower, birthday party or just want some cool calling cards to hand out, check out Invitation Box. They have a variety designs for baby boys, girls, gender neutral, and twins. The online shop also sells a range of 100% eco-friendly cards called “invitationbox green”. You’ll find those items tagged with […]

If you’re looking for modern, high quality kids products visit Franklin Goose. This online store cares about what they sell. They do not stock materials made with BPA, phthalate or PVC. Their food items are only organic and their toys are either natural, organic or made of recycled materials. A fine example of an outfit […]

The Tummy Time Mat & Bolster Set shown here is brought to you by Infantino, part of the giant Step 2 group. Since they’re headquartered in San Diego, one would expect a little piece of Pacific flair gets blended into every product. The infant mat seems pleasant enough and has been designed to provide comfort […]

Here’s a great idea from Plum Organics that my daughter just loves. A whole range of natural and organic baby snacks have been uniquely created and she just can’t get enough. The resealable cap reveals a feeder neck that baby can suck on to release the yummy product inside. The formula is virtually spill proof […]

Vibrant colors and influences of India describe Masala Baby’s clothes. The collection is new, having just been created in 2009. The line combines modern and stylish outfits for children ages 6 months to 4 years. One of my favorite pieces is the beautiful Gypsy Raani dress. Perfect to wear on a summer’s day, it’s lightweight […]

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I recently wrote about Sassy’s bath toys, now it’s time to focus on their new BPA-free feeding products!These Less Mess Toddler Spoons have been designed for hands to grasp and angled to help little ones get food into their mouths. The bowl is sized to keep portions bite sized and tiny holes help hold food […]

The Step 2 giveaway continues with this fabulous and fun Cafe Barista coffee maker. Included are two cups, a milk jug, and a cinnamon dispenser. The coffee maker’s cool sound effects bubble, froth and gurgle away. It also comes complete with an array of yummy looking muffins and doughnuts! My little girl loves to bring […]

I’ve been looking for a new set of gloves that I could wear during the harsh Winter I’ve been enduring. I recently was sent a pair from Get Glovd and tested them out this week. First of all, they are lightweight and thin. That’s good for me since I need gloves to wear while driving. […]

Look out stickers, there’s something new to place on personal items. PakNaks are soft and rubbery 3-D decorations that kids can place anywhere they want. When I was a child I used to love playing with puffy stickers, so I can see how these might be appealing. Just peel and stick (with Velcro side) on […]