Saturday, February 17th, 2018

Sanuk Sidewalk Surfers


These are not shoes, proclaim Sanuk, the manufacturer of these handsome kids’ sandals. Sidewalk surfers are how they describe this range of cute kids’ footwear. These hybrid shoes have the sole of a sandal and the upper of a shoe. Combined, they provide superior comfort with natural flexing of the foot and promote healthy development of little feet. An anti-bacterial shield is bonded onto the fabric to reduce odors and staining.

These shoes were designed in California by the young and hip outdoor set and this is evident in the huge range of funky styles available. Sanuk is the Thai word for happiness. They are a little expensive but they are handmade and the quality seems solid enough. The shoe shown here is the Rascal variety and they will set you back $40 a pair. You can buy them straight from Sanuk’s online store.

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