Saturday, February 17th, 2018

Cooking fun with the Step2 Modern Lines Kitchen


We’ve always been a fan of Step2 and their solid, dependable kids toys. Most toys are USA made and this play kitchen is no exception. The Modern Lines kitchen is just one selection from the 10 products in their extensive kids kitchen range.

The unit is easy to assemble and it took me just 30 minutes or so to put it together. The set comes complete with a huge range of utensils, dinnerware and even a coffee jug. Our little girl was adamant that we had a desire for coffee every 5 minutes for the next 5 hours. The bottom oven and top microwave have working key pads which omit realistic beeping sounds. The stove top also lights up and bubbles away when a pot is placed upon it. There are cupboards that open, storage shelves for plates and cups and even a play telephone to add to the fun. A toy kitchen is a must have for any toddler and we hope to have as much fun with this one that we had from old one that we are replacing.

Right now, this model is on sale at Step2’s online store for $100. This includes free shipping. Larger walk-in kitchens also ship free and are priced around $250.

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