Wednesday, February 21st, 2018

HappyBaby’s new line for toddlers: HappyTot


A new line has just been added to the Happybaby brand! Introducing Happytot, organic snacks fortified with the super-grain Salba. If you don’t know what Salba is, it’s a grain rich with omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants and minerals. It also contains six times more calcium than milk.

First of all, check out the packaging. The BPA-free pouches have easy-pour spouts, which makes it convenient to take these along on outings. Kids can just squeeze the puree into their mouths or you can pour the contents straight into a container.

The flavors are pretty tasty too. There are six varieties: Banana, Peach, Prunes & Coconut, Sweet Potato, Carrot & Apple, Green Beans, Peas & Pear, Banana, Mango & Peach, Spinach, Mango & Pear and Apple & Butternut Squash. My kids tried three of the flavors and enjoyed them. My son’s favorite is the mango, pear, apple and squash concoction. For toddlers, it is a lot to eat in one go. However once you open the package, it’s good for another 24 hours if kept in the fridge.

The Happytot line has a suggested retail price of $1.19 for a 4.22 oz (120g) pouch. To find out more product information, visit

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