Friday, December 15th, 2017

Gro Baby’s New Bio Soaker Pads



Gro Baby, creator of reusable cloth diapers, have recently added Gro Baby Bio Soaker Pads to their line. Can I just tell you I love using these diapers! I’ve been searching for a cloth diaper I can use everyday and these are it.

First of all, there’s no messing around figuring out how to fit the diaper on your child. The outer reusable shell comes in one size. Using the Gro Baby diapers with the pads is simple. Just stick the disposable Bio Soaker Pad to the shell and when soiled, toss away. Designed with contoured gussets and leg elastics, these did protect leaky messes while used on my baby.

These pads are free of petroleum, plastic, chlorine, fragrance and artificial dyes. Even the waterproof outer layer is made from corn. My 14-month-old has been very happy wearing them. As a parent who doesn’t like washing every cloth diaper at every change, this hybrid diaper system is convenient for me. I can use these disposable diapers and know I’m being more eco-friendly.

The Bio Soaker Intro Package retails for $34.95. It includes 50 eco-friendly disposable soaker pads and 1 Gro Baby Shell. Buy them at

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