Thursday, September 29th, 2016

Babywearing: Freehand Carrier


This traditional Asian inspired Mei Tei baby carrier has been brought to you by The carrier will accommodate babies from 5 through 35lbs and has been beautifully finished from fine material. The 97% heavy cotton blend will ensure that you’ll get your money’s worth.

The happy looking ‘Mother Theresa’ spring pattern is shown here, which is one of 5 available fabrics. Like many carriers, the Freehand Carrier can be worn on the back, hip, or front. We have used carriers for all our children and they are a real convenient and efficient way to get stuff done while baby snuggles up close. First time users will commonly find any carrier a little challenging to put on but with a little practice, it soon becomes well worth the effort. The Togetherbe web site provides a short instructional video to assist moms and dads with the proper fitting of each wear option. This is a nice product and we love the reversible fabric and padded shoulder straps. The carrier will set you back $72 and would make an awesome baby shower gift. Check out the Togetherbe web site to order this and other useful baby products.

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