Friday, December 15th, 2017

The coolest anti-bottles: Vapur


The pressure is on all of us to assist humanity and reduce its footprint on this planet. We are taking more than we are giving back right now and I fear for our children’s future. Here’s one of the smartest ideas I have seen so far to help us reverse our environmental impact.

The Anti-bottle from Vapur, is a reusable, collapsable, on-the-go water bottle. It stands up like a regular bottle when full, then rolls up into nothing for pocket storage when empty. It has a sports bottle style, pull up nozzle for easy drinking and a neat key ring attachment for bags. It weighs just about nothing when empty and has designed to be extremely durable. The 16 oz, BPA free bottle can be frozen and also thrown in the dishwasher when dirty. We really like this product as it’s made in the USA and typifies the ingenuity of homegrown products. So if you want everyone to tell you how cool your bottle is and also help to reduce the 60 million or so plastic bottles that get trashed in the US every day, then click visit and buy online. The happily colored bottles are $8.95 each and $29.95 for a family pack. They would make a great stocking stuffer.

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