Sunday, January 21st, 2018

For little interior designers: ChixOs Design-A-Luxury Loft


The ChixOs Design-A-Luxury Loft, available exclusively in pink at Toys “R” Us, offers the perfect space for an amazing party, but the fun can’t begin until kids decorate their styling pad.

Included are three ChixOs dolls that you put together. Mixing and matching the body parts is fun. However, I find that it’s very easy for the dolls to come apart. That’s why when playing with them, hold them by the base.

The loft when built is neat. There are four rooms, all with little furniture that you can decorate with the PixOs. All you need is water to stick the little beads to the furniture. The only thing is that the beads don’t stay when dry. That caused a mess when trying to place the tables, chairs and bed in the house. Since my son really enjoys this toy, I let him play with it without the beads. I do see older kids enjoying the decorative side of the luxury loft though. One cute feature is a round shower that you put glitter in to replicate running water. So my overall opinion? Even without using the PixOs, it’s still a functional dollhouse for the price. This is recommended for ages 4 and up.

Buy it at Toys “R” Us for $ 24.99.

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