Sunday, January 21st, 2018

Book review: Sunday in Kyoto



(Review by : Kim Pitt-Foster. Former nursery school teacher. Mom of 2.)

When the book, ‘Sunday in Kyoto’, first arrived I was intrigued by the lovely illustrations. On the cover, the characters are drawn with both western and Japanese clothing and are sitting to a traditional tea. The last few pages of ‘Sunday in Kyoto’ contain the lyrics to 14 songs that go with the attached CD.
“How fun” I thought…”this book was going to be different.” That, I understood at once. However it was my last moment of understanding.

I have never claimed to understand advance poetry. I had hoped that a children’s book would be at my level of comprehension. The book is a collection of songs by Canadian Gilles Vigneault, the majority of which is the song ‘Sunday in Kyoto’. The poems were confusing, odd and different but, entertaining. I did not at all get the song ‘Sunday in Kyoto’. I guess it is not to be understood, just fun! To quote my 6-year-old “It is a rhyming song…it does not have to make sense , just rhyme”

We read the book about three times. My husband, and two kids, 9 and 6, all said the same thing…” It’s…different!” We then listened to the CD in the car. The first song has a Japanese instrumental sound to it. Again, it did not make sense, but the kids seemed to like it. The other songs were all (again, here it comes) different. There does not seem to be a theme. The songs go from a nursery rhyme sound to a tween sound to a preschool TV program sound. Again DIFFERENT!

In closing, ‘Sunday in Kyoto’ is a fun, different, silly, different, serious, different, new book and CD that is all in all …different.

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