Saturday, February 24th, 2018

Socks that stay


Here’s a great idea that you may like to hear about it. The child shown, is trying to take his socks off and that’s what newish babies love to do. Our 1-year-old is delighted after she has successfully bitten her socks right off her feet. It then becomes a chore for momma to put them back on again.

A cure for this foot fetish has been developed by Stay With Me. These cotton blend socks have a small Velcro strap on the back which will provide firm fastening to baby’s ankles. Baby can tug all she likes, but these socks are staying right where you left them. Also, you’ll never end up with another odd baby sock again as a pair can be loop fastened together during the wash. The socks have a non-slip bottom and different colors and sizes are available, accommodating babies from newborn to 14 months. A pair will set you back $5.95 and are available from direct from


3 Responses to “Socks that stay”
  1. Henry Barnes says:

    cotton baby socks are the best, i don’t like to put nylon socks over my baby feet.”.

  2. Brody James says:

    cotton baby socks and wool baby socks are the best in my experience;”:

  3. plain old cotton socks are still the best for babies.,;.