Saturday, February 24th, 2018

Preschool Games: Animal Upon Animal by Haba


Our 3-year-old is getting to the stage where he will sit still for short periods of time. This means that he can be persuaded to concentrate for a little while too. The classic wooden game Animal Upon Animal from Haba is perfect to keep him occupied during these moments.

Each player has 4 wooden animals that include a goose, a tiger an octopus and a squirrel. There are also two dice included. Rolling the dice selects an animal which then becomes the bottom of an animal tower. The first player to have successfully stacked all 4 animals on top of each other becomes the winner and claims a wooden coin. The first to win 3 coins wins the game. The game is designed for 5 and up but we play a softer version. The instructions suggest the animals are skillfully balanced on each other with their narrow edges.

We had lots of fun by just stacking the pieces up flat, which is more suited to a 3-year-old’s dexterity. This unique game has been quality manufactured in Germany and would make a great gift, especially with the holiday season coming up. Available online for around $12. You can buy it at Maukilo.

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