Saturday, February 24th, 2018

Pocket-sized Lil’ Melon alphabet cloth wipes


A while back, we told you about the awesome baby knee pads from Lil’ Melon. They’ve now added a range of baby burp cloths to their range. The nice thing about these 14×14 inch square cloths is that they are small and compact enough to fit straight into your pocket. I know I have looked down at baby many times and seen a range of fluids that have needed mopping up, especially when out and about. It has then been followed by a hunt for something suitable to wipe the grime away.

These soft cotton cloths, practically fold up into nothing and are not obtrusive in your pocket at all. The Alphabet variety is shown here and a 10 pack will cost you $12.95. Buy 2 packs or more and you’ll get free shipping! Visit

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