Saturday, February 24th, 2018

Halloween safety with Life+Gear flashlights


These Mini Halloween Glow Flashlights from Life+Gear are super cool (see photo). Click the flashlight once and it lights up, illuminating the pumpkin face. Click it again and the handle glows in orange. A third click makes it blink which is useful for emergency signaling. You’ll get 300 hours battery life out of it. Price is $6.99.

The company’s 200 Hour Halloween Glow Stick makes walking in the dark fun. I had it on while walking with my son in our neighborhood last night. Not just a plain glow stick, this is a flashlight and whistle too! Also, the orange glow stick handle illuminates forever! You get 200 hours of battery life so plenty of waving fun with it! This is great for trick-or-treating and knowing that cars can see you too. Price is $4.99.

You can buy these products at Target and Home Depot. Life+Gear is the leading manufacturer and marketer of emergency and disaster preparedness products in the U.S. For more info visit the Life+Gear site.

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