Saturday, February 24th, 2018

Baby Bjorn’s Babysitter Balance goes Organic


The Swedes are renown for taking everyday items and rethinking their purpose. A Swedish makeover usually encompasses a stylish upgrade in quality, style and design. Baby Bjorn is probably known best for their baby carriers. They now have a new organic line which includes infant seats. The BabySitter Balance Organic is shown here.

This neat looking baby chair in walnut/khaki is made of organically grown cotton. It has 3 recline positions (sleep, rest, and play) and folds up flat when not in use. The most upright position setting will accommodate children up to 2 years old or who weigh 29lbs. A safety harness is included and should be used until the child can walk. Without the harness, it becomes a plush toddler chair. The chair can be rocked gently by the child and it has been ergonomically designed by pediatricians to provide maximum back support. Like all the BabySitter Carriers from Baby Bjorn the fabric is reversible, transforming its appearance as each side has its own color scheme.

This is a handsome product and the quality is good. We were also delighted to see that the chair is actually made in Sweden and not in the Far East. Our one-year-old loves to be fed in her new chair. Due to its lightweight portability wherever I am in the house I can grab the chair, strap the baby in and keep her from mischief.

I found the seat available on the internet for under $194 at Shipping included.

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