Friday, December 15th, 2017

One Small Step With Waste-Free Lunches


Having two young children often makes me think about the kind of environment that they will grow up into. We’re not doing such a good job of safe guarding our planet, which will be their inheritance. We can all do our bit to help conserve valuable resources. Don’t kid yourself, every little bit helps. Boycotting disposable items as much as possible will help to keep potentially polluting items from landfill sites and out of our water supplies. School lunches which use reusable bags and drink cups can help minimize waste.

One Small Step have collated an extensive range of earth-friendly products to lead us in the right direction. The hybrid car Mimi the Sardines Tote (at top) is made of organic cotton and has been treated with an environmentally safe coating. This makes the bag easy to wipe clean and even safe to throw in the washing machine if need be.

The cool looking Contigo Autoseal Kids Mug is spill proof and has a button on the side which when pressed lets the liquid flow out. Ingenious! Both items are nice products and they will cost you $22 and $8 respectively from One Small Step. So be a leader of the pack and check out their many planet saving items.

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