Sunday, January 21st, 2018

Eating fun with a Stokke Table Top



If you’re looking for an expensive table top eating tray for your little one, then we’ve found the Rolls Royce of them for you. The Table Top comes to you from Stokke, the people who make those posh strollers. The tray comes complete with three, double sided picture slides which can be interchanged to keep your child occupied at the table. Stokke say the Table Top is good for children from 6 months through 8 years old. It has fairly deep sides, which helps to keep any messy food from spilling off. Four Suction cups are included, which keep the wipe clean tray firmly attached. Strangely enough though, the suction cups do not seem to stop the tray from being pushed around on the table. It will not take too long for your inquisitive child to work this out, especially if like us your table top is polished wood.

I do like this product though and our 10-month old seems to enjoy its presence. So if you have just won the lottery or price isn’t important, then it’s yours for $89.. Available from Babies’R’Us.

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