Friday, December 15th, 2017

Weil Baby: An infant feeding and accessories line by Dr. Andrew Weil


These colorful cups are part of Weil Baby‘s new line. Endorsed by healthy living expert, Dr. Andrew Weil, they have churned out funky sippy cups, bottles, pacifiers and accessories for your infants to enjoy.

Their latest colorful creations include the taller 9oz drinking cups and the smaller 5 oz trainer cups. Both are shown here. Designed to be attractive for your little one, these BPA-free and USA made products are molded from Tritan, a shatter resistant glass. The one piece venting system is designed to reduce air ingestion, thus reducing colic.

These bottles were designed by Dr. Weil himself. He’s a 30-year veteran of medical and nutritional research. Now the important bit. Our 10-month-old loves to throw them about and occasionally take the odd sip as babies do. She seems quite content sucking away and spitting the water out all over her high chair, so I guess nothing is new in that department. Anyway, both cups are easy for baby to grip and they are solidly made. A plus is that they are environmentally friendly. The packaging is made with 100% recycled paper. They have a retail of $9.99 and are available at

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