Monday, December 18th, 2017

The World of Eric Carle caterpiller bolster seat



Featured here is the Grow-With-Me Bolster seat from Kids Preferred. This activity cushion features the very hungry caterpillar inspired by the top selling kids author Eric Carle. Unlike most bolster seats, this one has lots of touchy, feely stuff to keep baby entertained. There are crinkly and smooth fabrics in a multitude of shapes and colors.

There’s a red cup with holder and a squeaky strawberry to practice annoying mom and pop with. Baby can sit in the cushion, providing back support when he or she starts to sit up. Having a cushy seat is must have for any new baby and this is a nice one to choose. I do suggest to get this for a baby under 7-months-old. Active little ones who just want to crawl and stand won’t stay in this long. Priced at $35 and available at


One Response to “The World of Eric Carle caterpiller bolster seat”
  1. Marisa says:

    Do you still sell the Eric Carle bolster?