Friday, December 15th, 2017

Petit Collage’s Deluxe Baby Memory Book



We just got sent this Deluxe Baby Book and Memory Box from Petit Collage. This beautiful baby scrap book and memory box has been designed so you can keep a complete record of baby’s first year. Ideally, you would give this to any worthy parents, so they can get started well before baby arrives. The first few pages ask for lots of details, including mum’s food cravings and who attended baby’s shower. You’re then asked to complete more curious questions, such as what the weather was like on baby’s birthday and why ma and pa choose baby’s name. Then month by month, you can place a photo and record milestones in baby’s short existence.

I just wish I got sent this 10 months ago when baby was born! The book comes complete in a fold up box which contains a drawer underneath. Transparent glassine envelopes are provided to keep stock of baby’s hair locks and other treasures, such as the hospital wrist band.

The baby book is certainly a high quality product and the pages are beautifully decorated. I love this product, even though at $50 a pop it is on the high end pricing side. You can buy it online from

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