Saturday, February 24th, 2018

Organic, bamboo cloth diapers: Weehuggers


As a parent, I have always been consciously uncomfortable with disposable diapers. I know they are appallingly environmentally unfriendly and I have thought that with every stinking one I have tossed away. The average parent will use 5000 of these diapers with every child. This is a diaper fact taken from They are a manufacturer and supplier of green, reusable diapers. These are not the cloth diapers that grandma used to use.
These are crafted from sustainable, organic bamboo and have multiple super absorbent layers to soak up baby’s makings. Toss them in the wash when soiled and they should clean up as good as new. Our baby looks content crawling around with her new diaper on and they are much softer and kinder to baby’s skin than disposables. Bamboo does not retain odors like other materials so they should always stay fresher. Lots of useful care instructions are provided on the weehugger web site. These diapers come in 6 colors and three sizes and will cost you under $20 each. So if you’re like me and feel shame knowing that disposables will take up to 500 years to break down in a landfill, go and ease that conscious and buy a set of these USA made diapers direct from

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