Friday, December 15th, 2017

Modern bathroom living: Boon Potty Bench


Not all parts of parenting are fun I’m afraid and one of the most challenging tasks is to get your little diaper dude or dudette potty trained. Having the tools for the job is an essential part of getting it done as efficiently as possible. Buying a good potty is a surefire decision and Boon have created the potty bench.

This solidly made potty can be also used as a sink stool and can withstand a 300 lb weight. You could consider using it around the home as a step stool once your child has finished with it. There is a pull out drawer at the front which makes emptying real easy and there is a deflector to stop any potential airborne streams! There are two pull out storage drawers either side and one contains a toilet roll holder. The drawers are big enough to store wipes and spare clothes. Cleaning is real easy as it’s made from durable wipe clean plastic. This is cleverly designed and a well made product. It’s also sensibly priced at around $30. I think it’s a first potty choice. It’s available at

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