Friday, December 15th, 2017

Keep baby teeth clean with Tooth Tissues


It’s very easy to simply ignore baby’s oral hygiene needs. A lot of moms just declare that the second set of teeth will solve the problems of the first set. This is technically incorrect. The American Dental Association recommends cleaning baby’s teeth after each feed with a clean, wet washcloth. I look down at my 10-month-old baby’s four little teeth and know this could be a little difficult.

The problem has been partially solved with Tooth Tissues from My Dentist’s Choice. They have created formulated tooth tissues, that have been designed to clean away plaque to help prevent baby bottle decay. Each feed should be followed by a quick wipe with a disposable tooth tissue – if baby cooperates of course! Wiping baby’s teeth should be done throughout teething, until the back molars appear at around 16 months old. A pack of 30 tissues will set you back $6.99 and are available directly from Check out the web site for more interesting baby dental hygiene tips.

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