Sunday, January 21st, 2018

Feed and play with Munchkin


I’ve become a real fan of Munchkin products. Here are my three recommendations for today! This Bobble Bee ($9.99) is a cheery toy that is the buzz around babyville. The wings spin, the belly rolls, and the head bobbles of course! The suction cup base can stick to a high chair tray or table and will provide some entertainment while you make your baby’s meal.
I’ve been using Munchkin’s Soft-Tip Infant Spoons ($4.49) during all meal times. The long handles are useful when feeding the baby and the spoon is small enough to reach into tiny jars and baby cubes filled with food.
The Snack Catcher ($7.49)is a great idea. No more spilling crackers everywhere. The soft flaps catches the food from making a mess. Use these in the car.

Their products are colorful and just make life easier! Buy Munchkin products at

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