Sunday, January 21st, 2018

Construction site fun with Tomy’s Big Loader



Please take note, that the child featured in this image is clearly mesmerized by the Big Loader toy in front of him. That was the reaction from my 3-year-old too, when presented with this magnificent toddler magnet.

This action toy features a vehicle chassis which crawls around the track. It then transforms itself into a loader, a dump truck and an excavator by cleverly and automatically switching bodies. There is no doubt that this is an ingenious toy. I must admit, I was pretty captivated too, watching the supplied plastic rocks being scooped, loaded, hauled and dumped. The Big Loader set does contain some small parts, so is not suitable for under kids age three.

This is not an expensive toy and would make a great gift for any special little boy. Only $22.99 from International Playthings.

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