Saturday, February 24th, 2018

Tasty and Organic: Happy Baby meals


I make baby food all the time at home. However, the only thing I do buy from the store is Happy Baby organic meals. Our baby loves eating their food! Their frozen foods have DHA in them and are 100% organic with no pesticides, no chemical fertilizers and are free of soy, nuts, wheat, and dairy. The Grrreat Greens is one of her faves. It contains organic pears, organic spinach, organic mango, DHA algal oil. They are easy to heat up if you’re on the go and really tasty too.

Our baby also loves Happy Baby Puffs. She will always open her mouth to eat them and she’s learned to pick them up with her fingers too. There are three flavors: banana, apple and greens. They have 1/2 the sugar and are 100% natural. I am so “happy” I discovered this company.


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