Saturday, February 24th, 2018

Hot Wheels Sharkbite Bay Play Set


As a mom to a little boy who loves cars, I’m finding out about new toys that accommodate his vast collection of Hot Wheels. The Hot Wheels Sharkbite Bay Play Set is a coaster ride with a chomping shark. Opening this playset, it was what I expected as I’ve seen similar toys like it. I do like that it easily folds back up and is portable. Hey, if it keeps him busy for a few hours I like it!

Hot Wheels is over 40 years old. Their new collection features 42 2009 New Models. For the first time, each die-cast Hot Wheels car will have its own package and illustration that emphasizes why each car is special and unique.

Here’s Nicole Richie and Joel Madden posing with their Hot Wheels.

Price is $21.99 and recommended for children ages four and over. The price bites but kids won’t notice that part.

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