Friday, December 15th, 2017

Clothes with a message: Bee-Tees


Are you looking for a baby or toddler tee-shirt that is educational and fun? Probably not is the answer, but why not?

Bee-Tees have produced a range of adorable clothing for children, all featuring their trademark bee motif. Bee happy, Bee kind and Bee honest are all available as part of their line up. The soft tees are printed on 100% heavy weight cotton and 4 sizes are available from 6 through 24 months.

You can also have your own BeeCause Tees designed for any special charities you may be a part of. The Bee-Tees program allows you to earn a large percentage of each shirt for your fundraiser.

So if you wish to transmit a message to a little one, or to create a buzz, then you can Bee a saviour at

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