Friday, December 15th, 2017

Book review: Charlie and Mama Kyna


This book review of Charlie and Mama Kyna (Story and illustrations by Diana Rumjahn) was written by mom of two, Kim Pitt-Foster.

The first thing I should mention about this sweet story is that it came from a movie. Yes, exactly. It is usually the movie that follows the story. That is the problem with this book. Things seem to happen very quickly, a lot of different things and not always with a seamless transition. The writing comes across like it has been translated, with uneven phrases and sentences.

The darling illustrations are done very simply, without clutter or confusion. Charlie and Mama Kyna reads like a condensed movie script that is told, however, at an over-stuffed sprint. I believe it would have made three fantastic stories instead.

The book is a simple story about stuffed animals: Charlie, the main character, his friends Leo a lion and Joe a giraffe. Charlie runs away after breaking his mother’s favorite vase. He instantly finds Leo and Joe and they become best friends. However, less than a page later they are leaving their tent, where they live together, and go back to Charlie’s home. They become an instant family with Mama Kyna and are full of chores, friends, parties and a lot of love.

Again, Charlie and Mama Kyna is a darling story of love, friendship and forgiveness that young children will enjoy! I would have been thrilled to take the time to get to know Charlie, his mother and friends a little better. Perhaps, someday we will.

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